IPB Training - FAQ

Frequently Asked Question


How to register for public/regular training at IPB Training?
Training registration is done online through the ipbtraining.com portal
What if I need a formal invitation letter regarding the implementation of the training?
If you need an official invitation letter, you can contact IPB Training via telephone (+62251) 8382223/837 2400 or send an email to contact@ipbtraining.com
What if I need special training for my agency?
IPB Training can facilitate special training for your agency by adjusting modules, case studies, to implementation locations. Call our contact center (0251) 838 2223/837 2400 or email to contact@ipbtraining.com
What if I forget my password to access the registration portal?
Go to the login page then click “forgot password” after that enter the email address used when registering an account and click the “send password reset link” button. Please check your email to reset your password (replace it with a new password)
What is the maximum limit for training registration by one account in one transaction?
One account can be used to register a maximum of 10 trainees
What is the difference between personal registration and agency/institutional registration?
The difference lies in the purpose of collecting training fees. If you register on behalf of the agency, the invoice will be billed to the agency concerned, while if you register personally, the invoice will be billed to the registrant.
What if my agency needs a tax invoice
The tax invoice will be sent if you have filled in the agency data in accordance with the data listed on your agency's NPWP at the time of registration (including the name of the institution and address). Once the payment is made, the tax invoice will be sent to the registrant's email.


What are the facilities obtained in participating in the training?
For face-to-face training, the facilities obtained include discussions and consultations with trainers, complete training rooms with wifi and air conditioning, certificates issued by IPB Training, soft file materials, training kits, souvenirs, 2x coffee breaks, and lunch.
What if I need help finding accommodation during training?
Please book accommodation available around the training location


How do I use my voucher code?
Please enter the voucher code on the checkout page before pressing the 'finish and pay' button
How are training fees paid?
Payment of training fees is made via bank transfer and account number according to the nominal stated on the invoice (up to the last three digits)
Am I notified if the payment has been successful?
If the participant has successfully made a payment according to the value on the invoice (up to the last three digits), the system will send a notification and receipt to the registrant's email (generally in the afternoon/except weekends). If there are problems with payment, please contact us by telephone (+62251) 838 2223/837 2400 or email to contact@ipbtraining.com
What is a unique code in an invoice?
The unique code on the invoice is the last three digits of the invoiced value
How long is the deadline for payment after the invoice is issued?
The time given for payment after the invoice is issued is 3x24 hours
Is it allowed if the payment exceeds the time limit in the invoice?
Please be able to communicate with the person in charge of the training if there are problems with payment times (beyond the deadline provided)

Refund and Changing Participant

What if I do not participate in the training, but have already made a payment, can the funds be refunded?
In accordance with the terms and conditions when registering, all funds that have been paid cannot be refunded. Unless there is a cancellation or transfer of the training schedule confirmed by the committee at least the 7th day of training
What if I (the participant I registered) cannot attend the training and want to be replaced by someone else?
Registrants only need to edit the participant's name and contact on the participant data menu (after logging in) and confirm with the person in charge of the training.