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Rehabilitative and Integrative Therapy in Companion Animal Practices

1 tahun yang lalu - 30 - 31 Juli 2019
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IPB Training menyelenggarakan Rehabilitative and Integrative Therapy in Companion Animal Practices pada 30 - 31 Juli 2019 di IPB Science Techno Park Jalan Taman Kencana Nomor 3, Bogor- Jawa Barat. Kegiatan ini bertujuan agar Participant get knowledge about small animal medic rehabilitataion


Disarankan mengikuti pelatihan ini :: small animal practitioner .

Topik (4)

Disajikan dengan metode presentasi dan diskusi (50%), praktek dan simulasi (50%), diantaranya:

  • 1

    Condition and injuries commonly reffered for rehabilitation (Neurologic conditions , Orthopedic conditions , Diagnosis, treatment planning, and outcome measurement in canine rehabilitation)

  • 2

    Physical modalities and manualtheraphy assesment technique (Massage, Passive & Stretching , Joint mobilization & manipulation , Heat & Cold , Electrotherapy , Therapeutic exercise , Kinesiology tape, Hydrotherapy)

  • 3

    Integrative therapies and assistive device (Acupuncture , Herbal medicine, Stem cell , Orthotics, Prosthetics)

  • 4

    The business of canine rehabilitation

Trainer (3)

Warangkhana Phanwanich (DVM, M.Eng, CVA)

Hospital Director of iVET(Thailand) Co.,Ltd, Acupunturist, Animal Assistive Technology, Wheelchair, Prosthetics and Orthotics Device.

4.8 (126 Reviews)

Chumpol Chitrakorn (DVM, PhD)

Assistant Hospital Director at iVET(Thailand) Co.,Ltd, Expertise in Veterinary Neurology and Neurosurgery

4.9 (127 Reviews)

Sivaporn Limpaninlachat (PT, MSc)

Physical Therapist in Canine and Feline at iVET West Centre

4.9 (21 Reviews)


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