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Small Animal Dentistry

1 tahun yang lalu - 3 August 2019
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IPB Training menyelenggarakan Small Animal Dentistry pada 3 August 2019 di IPB Science Techno Park Jalan Taman Kencana No.3, Bogor- Jawa Barat. Kegiatan ini bertujuan agar Participant get knowledge about dentistry in Animal


Disarankan mengikuti pelatihan ini :: All Vet Proffesion .

Topik (10)

Disajikan dengan metode presentasi dan diskusi (50%), praktek dan simulasi (50%), diantaranya:

  • 1

    Dental equipment demonstration, how to correctly hold dental instruments and Equipment maintenance

  • 2

    Demonstration on the anatomical landmarks and intra and extraoral techniques for delivering local anaesthetic agents to pre-to pre-empt oral pain

  • 3

    Demonstration on performing a surgical extraction

  • 4

    Wound closure and postoperative instructions

  • 5

    Demonstration of use of the new minimally invasive mechanical periotome: iM3 Vet-Tome in extracting a canine tooth.

  • 6

    Hands on take dental radiographs and interpretation of any oral pathology found

  • 7

    Hands on : Extractions on the more challenging teeth in dogs and cats and how to avoid them

  • 8

    Hands on: Use of small gauge needles/syringes to deliver local anaesthetic agents, followed by a discussion on local anaesthetic complications.

  • 9

    Demonstration iM3 Vet-Tome in extracting a canine tooth

  • 10

    hands on extraction procedures, dental radiography and local anaesthetic techniques

Trainer (1)

Anthony Caiafa (BVSc, BDSc, MANZCVS)

Dental Consultant in North Coast Veterinary Services, President of Australian Veterinary Dental Society

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