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08 - 10 September 2023

The 4th Indonesia Animal Hospital and Clinic Expo (INAHEX) 2023

The fourth edition of INAHEX will be held on September 5-13, 2023 with the peak of events marked by the holding of international seminars and exhibitions of veterinary hospitals and clinics on September 8-10, 2023. This year, INAHEX carries the theme "Inspiring Innovation in Veterinary Medicine With Connectivity". Through meetings that occur during the INAHEX series, it is hoped that participants can find inspiration and new ideas that can give birth to innovations that are beneficial to the development of the field of animal health and the veterinary profession in Indonesia.

Participants Criteria

It is recommended to join this program:
  1. Veterinarians at hospitals, clinics, and animal health centers in Indonesia and the region.
  2. Practitioners in wildlife, exotics, aquatics, small animals, livestock, large animals, and laboratory animals.
  3. Academics (veterinary educators and students) and researchers.
  4. INAHEX 2023 also invites animal lovers and owners, companies, and distributors of medical devices, medicines, feed, and animal accessories. In addition, INAHEX can also be attended by general visitors from all over Indonesia.


  1. International seminar: Follicular development in the in vivo embryo production of tropical horses
  2. International seminar: The latest technologies and non-invasive methodologies in diagnosis for cancer patients and appropriate therapeutic techniques
  3. International seminar: MLS® Laster therapy: the new frontier in the treatment of small animal diseases
  4. International seminar: Accurate diagnoses and evaluation methods in patient management of degenerative mitral valve disease and hypertension in dogs
  5. International seminar: Cardiac infarction in animal models, therapeutic surgery, and diagnosis
  6. International seminar: Recent innovations in non-invasive treatment alternatives using stem cells for chronic diseases
  7. Scientific meeting: The accuracy of methods for diagnosing heart disease in cats (Case study: Biomarkers and other approaches)
  8. Scientific meeting: Recent innovations in non-invasive treatment alternatives using stem cells for chronic diseases
  9. Scientific meeting: Clinical Pathology Diagnostic on Renal Diseases and Cardiology Problems
  10. Scientific meeting: Recent developments in immunotherapy for allergy and dermatopathology
  11. Scientific meeting: Dental extraction methods that comply with animal welfare principles in small animals
  12. Scientific meeting: Reptile surgery: proper surgical procedures
  13. Scientific meeting: The role of animal models in biomedical research (case study: zebra fish and other new animal models)
  14. Scientific meeting: "Total hip replacement" in small animal orthopedic
  15. Scientific meeting: Endoscopy: recent technological developments and its role in veterinary medicine
  16. Scientific meeting: Imaging and Echocardiography Updates in Kintamani-Bali Dog
  17. Scientific meeting: Surgical basics: sterile technique and good surgical management
  18. Scientific meeting: Artificial insemination in special breed dogs and cats


Speaker Inahex 2023
Herisman Hernadi
Speaker Inahex 2023
Fitriya Nur Annisa Dewi
Speaker Inahex 2023
Siti Komariah
Speaker Inahex 2023
Speaker Inahex 2023
Anton Susilo A.P
Speaker Inahex 2023
Soenarti D. Waspada
Speaker Inahex 2023
Arni Diana Fitri
Speaker Inahex 2023
Speaker Inahex 2023
Eva Novika Syafni
Speaker Inahex 2023
Piter Kombo
Speaker Inahex 2023
Mawar Subangkit
Speaker Inahex 2023
Fitria Senja Murtiningrum
Speaker Inahex 2023
Tetsuya Kobayashi
Speaker Inahex 2023
Sirilak Disation Surachetong
Speaker Inahex 2023
Esther Arifin
Speaker Inahex 2023
Rey Barcenas Oronan
Speaker Inahex 2023
Agus Susanto

Contact Person

Narahubung Seminar Internasional : 0852-8074-8432 (sdri. Aminatur Ridho)

Narahubung Seminar Internasional : 0852-1696-3170 (sdri. Rizky Ilmiyana)

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