4 months from now - 1 - 2 August 2019
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IPB Training menyelenggarakan 2nd INDONESIA ANIMAL HOSPITAL AND CLINIC EXPO (INAHEX)2019 pada 1 - 2 August 2019 di IPB International Convention Center Botani Square Building 2nd Floor, Jl. Pajajaran, Bogor- Jawa Barat. Kegiatan ini bertujuan agar Participant get Information about the Future and Challenge of Veterinary Profession in Asia


Disarankan mengikuti pelatihan ini :: veterinary Practitioner .

Topik (18)

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  • 1

    The Future and Challenge of Veterinary Profession in Asia

  • 2

    Managing and Developing of International Innovative Small Animal Clinic and Hospital

  • 3

    The Standard Rules Performing Good Medical Services of Animal Clinic and Hospital in Indonesia

  • 4

    The Critical Role of Veterinarian in Medical Research: Interface Between Human and Animal Health

  • 5

    An Update in Small Animal Dentistry

  • 6

    Latest Diagnostic and Medical Procedure in Large Animal

  • 7

    Introduction to Physical Modelities Used in Small Animal Rehabilitation

  • 8

    The Use Of Skin Flaps In Small Animal Reconstructive Surgery

  • 9

    Top 5 Tips For Anesthesia of The Geriatric Pets

  • 10

    Management of Parasitic and Bacterial Causes of Dermatitis in Dogs and Cats

  • 11

    Principles and Good Practices of Animal Welfare in Animal Clinic And Hospital

  • 12

    Update Diagnostic and Medical Procedure of Exotic Pets

  • 13

    Difficult Tooth Extraction : a surgical approach versus minimally invasive approach to tooth extraction

  • 14

    Should Veterinarians Treat Wild Animal Kept Illegally as Pets in The Clinic?

  • 15

    The Horsepital Equine Surgery: Lesson Learned from the Expert of a Complete Range of Horse Health Private Services with International Standards

  • 16

    Flank Laparotomy For Granulosa Theca Cells Tumor in The Mare

  • 17

    Cardiology Referral Services: Comprehensive Medical Approach for Animal Heart's Health-First In Indonesia

  • 18

    Learning From The Best Lessons from other Bussines to Transfrom your Clinic

Trainer (1)

Deni Noviana, (Prof Drh PhD DAiCVIM)

Professor at Faculty of Veterinary Medicine IPB

Inhyung Lee (Prof DVM PhD)

Seoul National University

Warangkhana Phanwanich (Dr)

Hospital Director at iVET(Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

Yasmina A Paramastri (Dr DACLAM)

National University of Singapore, Singapore

Anthony Caiafa (Dr)

North Coast Veterinary Specialist and Referral Center, Australia

Siraya Chunekamrai (Dr)

Vice President WSAVA)

Siti Komariah (Drh)

Praktisi Hewan Kecil Animal Clinic Jakarta

Sri Redjeki Rotoro (drh)

Praktisi PDHB 24 Jam Cucu Kartini bidang kepakaran Feline Medicine

Ligaya ITA Tumbelaka (Dr drh)

Amrozi (Drh)

Veterinary clinic, Reproduction, an Pathology

Endang Sri M Ratiyo Paw Id


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